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…Because You Deserve to be Heard, Seen & Remembered.

Your Business Needs




And of course,




 I just didn’t want to say the obvious! 💁‍♀️

That’s Where… I Come In!

With my Toolkit aka Services 💼


Sales, Sales and more Sales. But with overcrowded web and spammy content, your copy needs the oomph to sell.
I am here to do that… with extensive research and data! After all, selling with words ALONE is not cakewalk.

Content Writing

There’s only a slight difference between wordy and words. But that’s all the difference you need to turn boring into impactful. That’s only possible when you have a kickass content writer, like me, in your team (sorry for bragging!)

Creative Writing

Your mind is overflowing with ideas but pen seems to be your worst enemy? I got your back! I will dive deep into the corners of your brain, do my word-wizardry, add some life to it and ta-da… your “original” content is ready to-go.

Proofreading & Editing

The pile of Roughly-Written Drafts can get really scary. That’s why I am here! I will get rid of all the unnecessary jargons and complex words to transform it into Reader-Friendly and Appealing Copy.

HARO Link Building

HARO is a tough nut to crack but don’t worry, I have done the hard work for you. Let’s establish you as an industry thought-leader and in the process, score some organic links.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

LinkedIn Profile Building can be really daunting especially when you are just starting out. To take the burden off your shoulders, I do all that there is to be done to make it Spot-on. For a sneak-peek, why don’t you check out mine?

But wait, we don’t know each-other yet! 🤦‍♀️

So, here’s a Formal Introduction.

Hi, I am Surabhi,

I craft stories for a living.
Sounds fun, right?

Honestly, it is.

Professionally, I can also be an Accountant (M. Com Finance and Accounting 2020), a Graphic Designer (Diploma in Graphic and website design 2017), and a Public Relations & Event Manager (Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations 2016). But writing is where my heart lies, so here I am, empowering Startups, Businesses, and Individuals with result-driven words.

And, here’s a Fun one.

Hi, I am Surabhi,

a hopeless romantic who
believes in miracles & unicorns.

Isn’t it crazy? Well, I know

I love Tea more than I love Oreo-Kitkat Shakes. If you make art or write poetries, you are already my favorite human. For anyone willing to teach me Urdu, I promise to be the best student ever! I can binge-watch anything as long as theirs Romance and Drama in it. Staying fit has only been a dream so far, any tips to be consistent?

⭐ Star Fact ⭐

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Formal or fun, I choose my words wisely. 👻

But, if you are asking the same age-old question 💭

“Surabhi, Why You?”

Then, here’s your Answer 💡

But, Wait.
You haven’t seen my CV yet!

Oh, I forgot, Freelancers (like me!) don’t have one 🤫

So, instead.

Here’s what my Extraordinarily generous clients have to say…

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